About Me

I am currently a Staff Research Scientist employed at IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center as part of the Human-AI Collaboration team.

My current interests apply a human-factors perspective to Artificial Intelligence (AI) trust, AI transparency, and AI governance. Broadly speaking, my work is about making sure that AI systems are built responsibly, transparently, and in a way that is understood by each relevant stakeholder. My prior work in this space includes evaluating and documenting risks associated with AI models, accelerating the development of intelligent agents for business automation, and developing best practices and tools for AI documentation.

My current work is embedded within IBM watsonx.governance and FactSheets.

Before IBM, I graduated with a Computer Science Ph.D. from Oregon State University, advised by the incredible Dr. Margaret Burnett modeling Information Foraging Theory in the context of software debugging.


David Piorkowski, Ph.D.

  • Staff Research Scientist at IBM
  • Interested in Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HCAI)
  • Working on HCI of AI Governance

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